Birthday of Lord Krishna celebrated as Janmashtmi Festival:

Birthday of Lord Krishna celebrated as Janmashtmi Festival
Birthday of Lord Krishna celebrated as Janmashtmi Festival

Krishna Janmashtami festival is also known as Krishna Jayanti (birthday of Lord Krishna). This festival is celebrated in the month of August-September every year. It comes on the eighth day of Hindu calendar in month of Bhadrapada (August-September). Lord Krishna was born at mid night. It is one of the holiest days for Hindu community.

Lord Krishna was born on a rainy and stormy night and it seems as if Lord Varun (God of rain) cheered the lord himself. The trend remains with Janmashtami falling for the duration of the peak of rainy season in India. The festival of Janmashtami is a famous event in India and many other countries across the world.

Lord Krishna was very special person that spent all his time smiling and smiling full of love. He was never angry as single point of time. He was always relax and smiling. This is the main quality of God. God has no touch of pride or ego, jealously, stress whatever.

Krishna has played various roles during his stay in the world. Lord Krishna was great in knowledge, great in action, great in emotion, all at once. He was a master musician the music of his flute thrilled the hearts of the Radha and Gopis (girls of Bridavan) and everyone else.

We can attain God only through the love. This love is within us, but we turn away this love in different ways. The Divine love is intrinsic and inherent in everybody. There is no human heart in which there is no love. So, we should imagine the love which is in everybody. To teach this pathway of love, Krishna was existing on the earth as a human being.

According to Puranas (the holy books of Hindu community) Krishna is the embodiment of Lord Vishnu, who took natal to destroy the sinful king Kansa and free the people of Mathura and other adjacent towns from his unkindness and save them from his evil rules. Kansa was the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna who was intended to be killed by the eighth child of his beloved sister Devki (mother of Lord Krishna).

Krishna said in Bhagvat Geeta (the holy book of Hindu community) “Yadaa, Yadaa hi Dharrmasya Glaanir Bhavathi Bharatha; abhyuthaanam adharrmasya, Tadaatmaanam Srujaamyaham.” Whenever the hearts of human beings become desolate, because of immorality and loveless, in order to spread the seeds of love and in order to circulate the principle of love, God exists everywhere.

On the festival of Krishna Janmashtami, the ladies in India decorate their houses beautifully, ready to welcome the Lord. Songs are sung, the conch is blown, bells are rung, and Sanskrit mantras are related in praise of Lord Krishna. They prepare various sweets and offer them to the Lord. Butter was Krishna’s favourite, and this is also offered. At Mathura, the birth-place of Shree Krishna, superior divine get-togethers are organized at this time.

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