10 Most Popular Places To Visit Near Jaipur

10 Most Popular Places To Visit Near Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the major tourist attractions, as well as their destinations that witness the selection of people throughout the year. Visit this city for its beautiful monuments that reflect its architecture and inside excellently while having a range of tourists visit the places in Jaipur for using a relaxing time in life as well as their peaceful surroundings. You can hire a cab from Delhi to Jaipur from eTaxiGo at affordable prices.

Best Weekend Getaways From Jaipur

But have anyone ever thought about the places near Jaipur that makes a great attraction for the tourists? Well, there are a selection of best places to visit nearby Jaipur, as well as here are a few of the worthy names to be once tried.

1. Ramgarh Lake

Places To Visit Near Jaipur-Ramgarh Lake

Although this is an artificial lake, it is still one of the attractive tourist spots around Jaipur. The covered area of around 15.5 km, the place is a famous picnic spot for the family members for having some enjoyable time. The surrounded greenery around the lake enhances the lake’s beauty to a much higher level. Recommended visiting the place during the monsoon season for witnessing its true beauty.

Distance from Jaipur: 30 Km
Attractions: Old Fort, Jamwa Mata temple

2. Samode Palace

Places To Visit Near Jaipur-Samode Palace

This palace completely and truly reflects the living of the royals of Jaipur and is constructed in the same manner. The architecture and the massive spacious surroundings of the castle are unmatched and cannot describe in words. The palace attracts visitors with its amazing paintings and mirror work along with its heritage. The palace is a must-visited place to have a unique experience around Jaipur.

Distance from Jaipur: 42 Km
Attractions: Mirror work and paintings

3. Abhaneri

Places To Visit Near Jaipur-Abhaneri

A small village that is located on the Jaipur-Agra Highway and is one of the major attractions for the people looking for places around Jaipur. You can get a glimpse of the village living along with many great monuments which attract the people with their architecture and interiors. The site was founded in the 9th century and thus is one of the oldest attractive places near Jaipur.

Distance from Jaipur: 95 Km
Attractions: Harshat Mata temple, Chand Baori

4. Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park

It is one of the famous wildlife sanctuaries of India. It is spread over a distance of 800 square kilometers and can offer a variety of wildlife species. Along with the beautiful cliffs, landscapes, forests, and grasslands, the wildlife sanctuary also hosts tigers, lions, chital, sambhar, langur, etc. You can also find the largest population of peafowl in this sanctuary. Don’t miss getting a fantastic experience of witnessing some of the mesmerizing wildlife animals.

Distance from Jaipur: 107 Km
Attractions: Bird watching, tiger safaris, witnessing wildlife species

5. Alwar

Places To Visit Near Jaipur-Alwar

Alwar is the place that will give you immense experiences of different festivals and rich heritage and history of India. From ancient architecture, royal forts to breath-taking views, Alwar can give you the best of all these. Alwar is a complete package for tourists who are looking for an unforgettable traveling experience. Do plan your trip during the festive time of February for witnessing a different color of the place.

Distance from Jaipur: 138 km
Attractions: Bhangarh Fort, Jai Pol, Vijay Mandir Palace

6. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

One of the most significant places to visit around Jaipur, the Ranthambore National Park is one of the attractions for the tourists. The people who love exploring the wildlife and love getting thrilling experiences, love visiting the place. You can witness wide varieties of tigers, leopards, jackals, jungle cats, etc. here. Along with the national park are other forts and monuments, which also catch the attention of the visitors.

Distance from Jaipur: 140 Km
Attractions: Wildlife National Park and ancient fort and monuments

7. Neemrana Baoli

Neemrana Baoli

It won’t be wrong to say that the place is one of the major attractions in terms of architecture and the rich heritage of India. It is a stepwell located in the Neemrana Fort, which was built in the 17th century. Thakur Janak Singh took care of every possible little detail for making this Baoli, which even today catches the attention of the visitors.

Distance from Jaipur: 150 Km
Attractions: The beautiful architecture

8. Ajmer


The purity and sanctity of the place make it stand out from all the other remaining sites located near Jaipur. With many beautiful monuments, forts, temples, and mosques, the place delivers a quality of charm to its visitors. You can witness relaxation, peace, and joy after visiting the place either on the weekends or when looking for a quick getaway destination. You will also find many picturesque locations in the place.

Distance from Jaipur: 153 Km
Attractions: Dargah Shariff, Ana Sagar Lake, Taragarh Fort

9. Pushkar


Pushkar is one of the most picturesque destinations that you can choose to visit the places located in Jaipur. With many refreshing locations, you will be amazed at nature’s beauty at this place. The attractive temples and monuments of the place make it another charm to the tourists. The peaceful and relaxing environment of the place will leave you relaxed from the daily stress of living.

Distance from Jaipur: 161 Km
Attractions: Brahma Temple, Pushkar Fair, Pushkar Lake, Gau Ghat, Rose Garden

10. Agra


Agra is famous for several reasons. One of the significant reasons to visit the place Taj Mahal, which is one of the major attractions in the world. Agra would welcome you with a pleasant atmosphere, and you would surely love the fantastic picturesque locations of the place. Another highlight of the place is its markets. You can shop for some suitable varieties of stuff in the market of Agra.

Distance from Jaipur: 250 Km
Attractions: Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri

These are some of the significant attractive places that can visit near Jaipur boundaries. These places near Jaipur tempt the users with their unique and distinguishing attractions and become favorite places to be visited.

Do share with us your experiences after visiting these places by commenting below. Also, feel free to recommend any other tourist places near Jaipur that you think has some attractive charm.

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