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Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi

Talking about the markets of Old Delhi, perhaps shopping will never fill our minds. You will know about some of the public markets here. Like you must have heard about Chandni Chowk. Delicious and tasty food is available here. This place is trendy among food lovers. But this area of ​​Chandni Chowk has now turned into a massive market. Today, this most famous Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi considered a shopping paradise. And it also acts as a significant centre of trade for a large part of India.

By the way, it is challenging to go through these crowded, thin streets of Old Delhi (Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi) to reach your favourite market. So let’s go to some of the famous markets of Chandni Chowk, which counted among the best markets of Delhi.

Khari Baoli Asia’s Largest Wholesale Spice Market

Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi-Khari Baoli Asia's Largest Wholesale Spice Market

Khari Baoli is the most aromatic market in Old Delhi, which is always prized by the aroma of various spices. It is, perhaps, the largest market for spices in the world. But there has not been complete justice to this market filled with spices by the professionals of Yatra and Pak Kala. If you roam in this market, you will see heaps of spices systematically kept in shops here. So, items of spices stuff kept in sacks outside the shops, like red chillies, will be seen. Of these, slightly expensive spices, such as saffron, are kept in small boxes with their price written on them.

There is Gadodiya Haveli nearby here, and you can go there if you want. From the roof of this mansion, one can see the heritage spread in Shahjahanabad. From here, you can also see a beautiful view of Khari Baoli situated below where various ingredients of spices, such as turmeric pieces, red chillies, and other items of ingredients, can see drying.

Khari Baoli is situated just behind Fatehpuri Mosque, which you do not have much difficulty in finding. If you feel that you have lost the way, contact-free to ask anyone or go for the aroma of spices.

Dariba Kalan – Silver Street

Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi-Dariba Kalan - Silver Street

It is a favourite street for women, especially for women who love silver jewellery. All the big and small shops here are full of silver items, most of which appear to be selling jewellery. But there are also some shops in these, which also sell silver utensils and idols of silver deities. These shops seem small, but if you ask them to show anything, then they get that thing with them. Apart from silver, you will also find shops selling gems and jewels here.

In which garlands made from these precious stones are sold, such as lapis lazuli, corals, tiger eye, and rose quartz. You can take any of these small and large garlands. These ornaments are very low in price compared to big shiny shops here. Pearls also sold here, But I think Hyderabad is the best place to buy beads. So if you like pearls, then I would advise you to buy gems from Hyderabad itself. But if you want, you can also buy your favourite beads from here.

In Dariba Kalan, you will also find shops for hand-made attars, such as ‘Gulab Singh Johari Mall Shop.’ The street of Dariba Kalan is not far from the Red Fort. From here, you can reach the Red Fort by passing through a small street located between the Gauri Shankar Temple and Sisganj Gurudwara. If you are coming from Jama Masjid, then this is the way that connects the back part of Jama Masjid with Chandni Chowk.

Meena Bazaar – What You Might Have Heard About, But Never Seen

Meena Bazaar - What You Might Have Heard About, But Never Seen

Meena Bazaar is the most famous market in the Mughal period. Today, this name adopted by the famous brand of clothing, which appears in big shops in Delhi (Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi). Inspired by the same name, songs like ‘ Sara Meena Bazaar Lekar of Delhi City ‘ were also made. I think the name may have derived from Meenakari Kama, which used to perform on lacquer bracelets. You can see this type of workmanship even today in Hyderabad and parts of Rajasthan. I remember that when we went to see the light and sound show at the Red Fort, there was an attempt to recreate the sounds of Meena Bazar by this program, where there was a clanging bell and tinkling amidst the laughter of women The voices of the bracelets heard echoing.

A small part of this glorious past of Meena Bazaar can be seen today behind the Jama Masjid. Even today you can buy colourful saris and dresses here. A small section of society still comes here to do their shopping. It is a famous market for travellers like me, who must have seen even better days than this. Meena Bazaar is situated right in the middle of Jama Masjid and Red Fort.

New Road( Nai Sarak ) – World of Books

Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi-New Road( Nai Sarak ) - World of Books

The new road’s newness is limited to its name only. You don’t see anything new around here. At one time, this road was famous for dancers. If you look around you, the balcony here will be seen telling the stories of your past. But today, books are sold in bulk at this place. The shopkeepers here do not take much interest in the retail customers as they are on the lookout for the wholesalers. Retail customers are like a hindrance to their busy lives. I remember how I had to deal with them when I first went there.

The new road is a place where books on diverse subjects are available. Being a book lover, going through so many books is a different experience. If you want a few selected books, especially Hindi books, then you will not find the right place for it. Here you can find your favourite book by itself, for which you need to know what you want. Today my library is well equipped with many books purchased from the unique shops of New Road.

I remember once I went to a bookstore where books related to Ayurveda and other pharmaceutical sciences sold. I was surprised to find so much literature on only one subject.

The street of the new road is right in front of the city hall of Chandni Chowk. Or you can take Delhi metro till Chavadi Bazar, and from there you can walk to the new road.

Bhagirath Palace – Your Home’s Winner

Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi-Bhagirath Palace  - Your Home's Winner

The place which once used to be the palace of Begum Samru has divided into two parts, one bank and the other part of the electronic market. This is the place where Bahadur Shah Zafar was held captive after the revolution of 1857. But today, seeing the changed form of this place, it is a bit difficult to imagine its past. Now this palace has become a heritage building, in which you will find many types of shops, and you will also see the movement of customers throughout the day. The place derives its name from Seth Bhagirath Mal, who was the buyer and owner of this palace.

If you are thinking about renovating your house, then you must go here. I was told by the people there that during Diwali it is very crowded. Hearing this, I wondered how people would stand in such a crowded place and do their shopping.

Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi – Bhagirath Mahal is not far from the metro station of Chandni Chowk.

Sitaram Bazaar – Stylish Jewelry

Sitaram Bazaar - Stylish Jewelry

The market located near Turkman Darwaza, one of the few entrances left in Shahjahanabad. If you like artificial and stylish jewellery, then this place is perfect for you. These ornaments made of carved beads of various colours and sizes. Some of these ornaments have also made from animal bones.

You can see the jewellery found here in Delhi’s Haat Bazaar, and many jewellery shops spread across the country. The only difference is that here you see heaps of these ornaments which are lying on the ground from the dead, or they are grouped and hung with a rope or a pendant. Whereas in big shops, displayed systematically. In the chaos here, you would have to look at all these items carefully to find your favourite jewellery. Their value mostly fixed. But if seen, these ornaments are found so cheap in the shops here compared to other shops in the city that you do not feel the need to negotiate.

Kinari Bazaar – Old Delhi’s Most Colorful Market

Kinari Bazaar - Old Delhi's Most Colorful Market

It is the most unusual, bright, and sparkling street in Delhi (Top 10 Shopping Places In Delhi). In my opinion, it is the most lit street in Delhi. This street is parallel to Chandni Chowk, at one end of which you find a Parathewali road. Kinari Bazar is the place where you have all the necessary items to decorate your clothes and home. For people like tailors, dress designers, fashion designers, this place is nothing less than a paradise. This is just a pile of different colourful lace for the commuting travellers, which they can use to make their sarees and dupattas even more attractive. If women are left here alone, then they will become so absorbed in the environment that they might forget to get out of here.

I go to the Kinari Bazar to enjoy the colourfulness there and eat the khurchan sweets found there.

Chor Bazaar – Where Sellers Are Thieves and You Customers

Chor Bazaar - Where Sellers Are Thieves and You Customers

In every big city, there is a thief market or some other form of them, where thieves sell their loot. This Chor Bazar of Old Delhi located behind Jama Masjid. If you go to this market, you will see only auto parts around you. People of Old Delhi say that if any part of your car is stolen, you can go to the thief market the next day and buy it and bring it back. Of course, if your luck supports you even a little bit in it, then you will get your item.

Keeping all these things in mind, when you go to the Chor Bazaar in Old Delhi, then you start inspecting all the things there as if a part here is also in your car.

This is a strange market, where car lovers come to find sparse parts that are difficult to find. Sometimes when I go through this market, I stop to talk to the same guy there so that I can get some information about his business. And every time they have a story to tell. They only know whether these stories are real or imaginary.

Chawri Bazar – Artwork of Invitation Cards

Chawri Bazar - Artwork of Invitation Cards

This market is very famous for making wedding invitation cards. This entire street filled with shops selling wedding cards. Here also customers who come to bulk shop. Just before the time of weddings, many families seen sitting in shops arguing over the colour and type of invitation cards. Whenever I go through the Chawri market, the same thought always comes to my mind that in such a situation, these people will not know how many wedding invitation cards they will sell, that they need the entire market for themselves.

Before you think about what I am doing in the market for wedding invitation letters, let me tell you that there is more here than there can be wedding sheets that may be of your need. The best stationery items are available here at an affordable price. I moved from Delhi in 2011, but I still have a lot of things in the Chawri market on my work table.

You can also go to the antique shops of Chawri Bazaar, where old items made of brass sold.

You can easily reach here from the metro station of Chawri Bazar.

Ballimaran – Famous For Leather Goods

Ballimaran - Famous for leather goods

Ballimaran is the place in the street of Qasim Jan where Mirza Ghalib used to live. It was here that he took a mansion on rent for himself, where he spent the last days of his life. This mansion has now become a museum. It is ironic that outside of the hall in which they used to live, today there is a shoe market or leather market. There are footwear sellers on both sides of the road. Apart from this, specs also sold here.

There are other big and small markets in Chandni Chowk besides these. I have not gone to the clothing market because there is not much value to retail customers.

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