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5 Best Places And Cities To Visit In Italy

If you too are thinking of planning your holidays outside India, then going to Italy is the best option. Here any magnificent beauty, historical monument, beautiful artwork can easily win the mind of anyone. With this, it has been considered the most romantic country in the world. Here you can enjoy it well by visiting its different cities. So let us tell you about 5 Best Places To Visit In Italy where you can enjoy the holidays.

Best Time to Visit Italy : 5 Best Places To Visit In Italy

The best time to visit Italy is from April to June and mid-September to October. You can enjoy your holidays well by going here during this period. 


Rome-5 Best Places To Visit In Italy

Italy is considered the most beautiful and romantic in the world. Rome’s city of Italy is perfect for holidaying with Partner. The beautiful artwork here will fascinate you. Called the capital of fashion, food, and cinema, Rome is quite famous by the people. People from all over the world like to come here. It considered the most vibrant city in Europe.  


Venice-5 Best Places To Visit In Italy

The city of Venice in Italy counted among the romantic towns. Along with this, the beauty of this city is much less appreciated. This city full of water is lovely to see and works to draw anyone towards you. In such a situation, you can enjoy boating with your partner. 


Milan-5 Best Places To Visit In Italy

The Milan city of Italy is known for its beauty and fashion. Here you can see artifacts and monuments with beautiful and magnificent designs. Here is Teatro Ala Scala, famous as La Scala. It is one of the famous cinemas where plays performed. Also, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Tomorrow and Last Supper can be visited. 



Verona is considered one of the romantic places in Italy. Here San Zeno Church is the most famous religious place, and on its outskirts, there is a cultural place that can fascinate anyone with its beauty. 



If you are fond of architecture, do not forget to visit Florence, Italy. Here you will see a collection of architectural marvels. It is famous as the largest outdoor museum here. Along with this, it is called one of the great art museums in the whole world. Apart from this, it is stunning to see the sunset in the evening in Santa Maria del Fiaor.

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