Singapore The Most Visited Destination In South East Asia

Singapore The Most Visited Destination – Every year more than 50 thousand tourists come to spend holidays.

Singapore The Most Visited Destination South East Asia

Tourism is a major industry in Singapore The Most Visited Destination. It attracts millions of tourists every year. Its cultural charm attributed to its cultural diversity, which reflects its colonial history and Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arab ethnicity. Here the environment is taken care of, and many programs related to nature and heritage conservation run. 

Among the four languages ​​which have official status here, English is the most prevalent. When a tourist arrives in Singapore and interacts with the local people, especially when they do some shopping, they are quite comfortable. Let’s know from Singapore’s Gulshan Mandloi what is unique in Singapore.

See the creatures roaming in the open zoo

See the creatures roaming in the open zoo

There is a plethora of multi-story shopping centers and hotels. Other attractive tourist destinations in Singapore can include Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, where tourists get to see Asian, African and American creatures in the dark of night. 

Singapore The Most Visited Destination – Zoo and Night Safari

The unique thing is that here tourists can not see these wild animals inside the cage but face to face. The Singapore Zoo is a special kind of open zoo, where animals are in a circle rather than a cage around which there is a deep moat. These trenches may be dry or waterlogged. Jurong Bird Park is another zoological garden that focuses on birds. Here tourists get a chance to see different species and varieties of birds found all over the world, besides a thousand flamingos flock of birds.

Every year, 50 thousand tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful island.

The island of Sentosa is also an important center of tourist attraction, with more than five million tourists arriving every year. The island is located in the south of Singapore and has 20–30 famous locations such as Fort Siloso. 

Also, the Tiger Sky Tower has built on this island from where one can see the entire Sentosa Island as well as the view of Sentosa Luge; In Sentosa Luge, one or two people lie with their legs straight ahead and enjoy slipping. Singapore also has two integrated resorts called Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, where casinos are also present.

Other Attractive Centers

Clarke Quay: Clarke Quay is a historic ghat on the banks of the Singapore River and a significant party center in Singapore. It situated at the mouth of the Singapore River, opposite Boat Quay. Currently, there are many restaurants and old-fashioned shops in the five warehouses that have been rebuilt here. Apart from this, there are more than twenty bars, clubs, and pubs. Some of the best pubs in the world located in Clarke Quay.

Singapore The Most Visited Destination-Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay

Boat Quay: Boat Quay is a historic ghat in Singapore, situated at the mouth of the Singapore River. Shops here preserved specially and now many pubs, restaurants have also been built here. The most popular of these are the dining bars situated on the banks of the river. Special arrangements have made for Indian tourists. The Hindi music lounge is quite popular there. Famous names like Club Colaba, Tarana, Ghungroo, Krrish, Table, Turmeric are popular.

Singapore The Most Visited Destination- Boat Quay
Boat Quay

Changi Sea Beach: This is the most famous sea beach in Singapore. If you are on a trip to Singapore, then you must go to Changi Beach.  The place features a beach park, which is one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore.  Changi Beach, serene surroundings on a 28-kilometer beach, has a park about 3.3 km long, situated between Changi Point and Changi Ferry Road. Best place to have a picnic with the family.

Singapore The Most Visited Destination-Changi Sea Beach
Changi Sea Beach

Here you can also see the exotic sunset view. Apart from this, if you want to see the beauty of Singapore from a height, then Singapore is also the best place to fly.

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