Top Tourist Places to Visit in Agra, India

Places to Visit in Agra

By the side of the river Yamuna, the beautiful city of Agra is a place of exquisite architecture and an epicenter of cultural beauty. Beyond this, you can also have an excellent heritage experience here, and enjoy shopping, nature, sightseeing, and many more. Home to many wonderful creations during the Mughal era, there are many Places to Visit in Agra. Each place has its own story. With a good tour guide and taxi service like eTaxiGo, you can have an experience like a local at Agra.

Love is in the Air. (Taj Mahal)

Agra is known as India’s love capital. Is the home of one of the seven wonders that are famous in the world. You can feel the vibes of the wonderful creations of the Mughal Empire when you visit Agra. Agra is all about intriguing tombs, enchanting forts, street delicacies, bustling market, and various other exciting things to explore. Whether it is snow-white marbles of the immortal Taj or the Red Fort’s delighting walls of red sandstone. There are many other sublime Places to Visit in Agra.

If you are planning a visit to Agra, it will never fail to impress you.  Besides, you can get a deep insight into the wonderful aspects of Mughal’s golden era. There is no dearth of things during your visit to the city and you need to cover many places within your schedule. The best way you can make your tour meaningful and productive is to hire Delhi to Agra Cabs of eTaxiGo.  

Important Places That You Need to Visit in Agra

Taj Mehal- eTaxiGo

Even if anybody around the world hasn’t heard about Agra, everyone knows the beauty of the ivory-white marble of the Taj Mahal. Soak yourself with your loved ones in the beauty of Taj and enjoy the awesome ambiance at sunrise and full moon. You will never feel the urge to leave the place and forget about time when you experience the eternal bliss of the amazing creation.

Agra Fort

When you visit the majestic Agra Fort, you will simply get awestruck with the vastness of the creation. As you cross the myriad of courtyards and see the marble and red sandstone structures. You will get overwhelmed by the grandiosity and power of architecture. Some of the most fascinating places you will love to see here are Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Shish Mahal, etc.

You must take a trip to Fatehpur Sikri and the best way you can go is to hire Delhi to Agra Cabs of eTaxiGo. You can see the aesthetic beauty and the magnificent fortification of this enchanting place that was once the Mughal’s capital. It is one of the most famous Places to Visit in Agra and you will ruminate the memories of your visit all through your life.

It will be a great mistake if you do not see the eternal abode of Akbar, the Akbar’s Tomb. Simply one of the most brilliant creations during the Mughal period. And the vastness of the place stretches across an area of 199 acres. Besides, you should not miss seeing Mehtab Bagh. The beautiful garden built in the Persian style by Babur and the great Mughal tomb at Sikandra Fort.

There are other excellent Places to Visit in Agra, like Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb and Moti Masjid. Besides, you will find it delightful to visit Gurudwara Guru Ka Taal and the Wildlife SOS.

Best Way to Visit Agra

Agra is only 200 km away from New Delhi, and travel with an Agra to Delhi Cabs of eTaxiGo can indeed give you the best experience. There are an extensive network and convenient process of booking for eTaxiGo. This has made the entire process easier of booking a cab to Agra from the outstation at a budgeted price.

Further, you can have a choice for booking a cab from a wide range that includes luxury cab, deluxe and budgeted cabs also. Choose among the varieties of Innova, Dzire, Indigo, Etios. You can choose either a sedan or SUVs or luxury car or a car at a comfortable price that suits you. It is crucial to get a good guide during your visit to Agra, who can take you to the right places to see and enjoy.

When you hire a cab for your visit to Agra, you can have a knowledgeable driver to guide you on the entire tour. Besides, you will have the freedom to travel anywhere sitting in the comfort of your car. It can be a very pleasant tour for you and your loved ones. The other aspect is that you can stop anywhere as you wish to taste the local cuisine or to shop. You can enjoy even a short stay to the fullest with a cab at your disposal. Delhi to Agra Cabs of eTaxiGo is the most preferred choice of travelers. It has been providing trusted services for years.

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