Sukhna Lake – The Only Water Lake Located In Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake - The Only Water Lake Located In Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake is the only famous water lake in Chandigarh city. The abundance of nature to its visitors under the limits of a modern city is the most favorite place for locals as well as tourists. In the morning and evening, you can see the locals walking on the banks of the lake. The place is full of tourists who sit near the lake and enjoy the various activities around.

You can enjoy boating on Sukhna Lake, then you can also appreciate the sails of these boats sitting. Apart from this, you can see the oldest tree here, which has now become the heritage tree of this city. You can buy your favorite items by visiting souvenir shops. Also, enjoy the coffee of the famous coffee shop here.

Sukhna Lake – Places to visit in Chandigarh

Ancient trees by Sukhna lake

The Shivalik Mountains standing in the backdrop of this lake remind you that you are standing in the foothills of the Himalayas. There is a wetland behind the lake, where you see different types of nomadic birds.

Recently, the complex of this lake has been slightly expanded, due to which the footpath around it is about 2.2 km. Up to which some markings have been made after every definite difference. Walking here, you see many couples sitting on the banks of the lake enjoying themselves. Apart from this, many tourists who completely immersed in the appreciation of the enchanting environment sitting here with their belongings. Also, some reclusive people here who lost in their own thoughts, as if they did not mind having or not being someone.

Peace Garden

Peace Garden - Chandigarh

The composition of this recently built peace park on the premises of Sukhna Lake is very delightful. In this garden, there is a statue of Buddha sitting in meditation posture, around which circular steps are made. Just a few people saw here and there. Later I came to know that this garden is full of people in the morning. Who comes here to do yoga and meditation. Even in such a situation, there is no noise here and this place is absolutely quiet.

Open Hand Logo

Open hand logo - symbol of Chandigarh

There are many beautiful plants worth seeing on the banks of Sukhna Lake. Which you do not get tired of admiring. But apart from all this, there is one thing that is most beautiful here and that is a huge steel structure on which the city’s landmark. The open hand sign, which apparently proclaims that Chandigarh Is a peace-loving city.

Another thing that I liked the most here is the maintenance of public structures here, which is rare in other parts of India. If you wish, you can rent a bicycle from here and tour the whole city. One thing is clear from this that my Chandigarh is still a bicycle loving city.

Some Memories Related to Sukhna Lake

Many memories of my childhood are attached to this lake, one of which is the Shram Daan or public service program held every year on the Sukhna Lake. Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake that was built only with the construction of this city. Hence, labor donation was organized here every year.

Birds roaming on the lake Sukhna

At that time, as a student, we all used to go there every year, stand in the middle of the lake and collect the silt deposited in it, and not only us but all the people of the city contributed their bit in this work. People used to participate in cleaning the lake with great pride. As long as this program of Shram Daan was going on, the newspaper people used to come here every day and take pictures of these people who were engaged in work and publish them. Even today, this program of Shram Daan is, for me, the best example of the contribution made by the public for the maintenance of public space.

I came to know from the tourism officer here that this tradition of labor donation has now stopped, because, after the expansion of the lake, the deposition of silt is very much under control. He also said that in our age, even our younger generation does not like to do such hard-working work.

So now whenever you go to Chandigarh, do have a glimpse of this fascinating lake.

How to Reach Chandigarh

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