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The city of Mumbai is a bustling metropolis that’s always on the go. With seemingly no place for couples to grab a quiet second (Romantic places near Mumbai for couples). This city does not appear to pause for anybody. However, there are places to hang out in Mumbai for couples.

Romantic Places in Mumbai

You can watch amazing sunsets, take romantic walks on the beach and discuss a bhelpuri with your spouse without a care in the world. Fall in Love all over again as you research these hang out for the best place for couples in Mumbai.

Best Romantic Places in Mumbai For Couples To Make Out

1. Gateway of India

Gateway of India
The Gateway of India is one of the country’s most famous monuments

Counted one of the most famous landmarks of this city. Gateway of India Mumbai has a lot to offer to couples that wish to spend time together. The Arabian Sea spreads out until eternity and can be complemented by a sunset.

2. Juhu Beach

Romantic Places in Mumbai-Juhu Beach
Juhu Beach

If Love is in your mind, and you intend to invest some quality time together with another half, Juhu Beach is the perfect place for couples in Mumbai. Feeling the water lapping caressing your faces because you require walks along the stretch.

Satiate your taste buds in the various Mumbai particular snack or sip coconut water. Precisely the same casing as seen in retro pictures. You can even get one of those tourist-hounding photographers to see on a memorable snap.

3. Marine Drive

Romantic Places in Mumbai-Marine Drive
Marine drive at night

If there is a contest for the most romantic places in Mumbai, Marine Drive will feature in the top rankers. The view of the Arabian Sea is unbeatable, and the sea breeze will set the mood for an excellent day.

Late evenings and nights are ideal, as the bright lights and cool breeze create the”Queen’s Necklace” a picture-perfect in marine drive at night.

4. Worli Sea Face

Romantic Places in Mumbai-Worli Sea-Face
Worli Seaface is a nice place to hang out with friends during the day or night

Has an extensive and broad promenade that’s a perfect place to see the lashing waves of the Arabian Sea. The view of this Bandra-Worli Sea link is just another attraction for people who come here in search for a few moments.

A late-night drive using a loved one from the negative is a fantastic strategy. Since the atmosphere is fresh and the visitors nominal. Top it off with java at Sadanand Coffee House for a memorable night out.

5. Hanging Garden

Romantic Places in Mumbai-Hanging Gardens
Hanging Gardens, Mumbai

Gardens of Babylon, These terraced gardens are at the maximum stage of Mumbai’s excellent place, Malabar Hills. They supply a view of Mumbai and its skyline and rated amongst the very best place for couples in Mumbai.

Hanging Garden assembled on a large water reservoir. The greenery was conserved and also also the hedges are maintained. The park opens at 5 am and shuts its gates at 9 pm.

6. Bandra Worli Sea Link

Bandra-Worli Sea Link
The Bandra Worli Sea Link makes for a sweet midnight drive

Ever since it had opened some decades back, that the Bandra Worli Sea Link brings tourists and locals alike by countless. You may book an online cab or drive your car (two-wheelers not permitted ) across this glorious arrangement which has captured the imagination of all who view it.

For a few, please take a look at its refuge in the evenings out of Bandra or even Worli and wonder how it’s improved Mumbai’s skyline.

7. Elephanta Caves

Romantic Places in Mumbai-Elephanta Caves
Elephanta Caves

Also called Gharapuri, this is an island located several miles in the Arabian Sea. It may be accomplished by choosing a launching or motorboat service. Can be an enjoyable and best Romantic places near Mumbai for couples.

You can spend the afternoon here and reunite just before the sun sets to the sea. (Seeing it together in the ship is a fantastic way to end the afternoon )

8. Bandra Fort

Bandra Fort
Bandra Fort

Even though the fort’s first Portuguese title is Castella de Aguada. Its regional name is Bandra Fort and can found in the western suburb of Bandra. It offers a view of the Bandra Worli Sea Link, which links the mainland and the suburbs together.

You can cosy up with your spouse and listen to the waves although the orange glob of melting sunsets right in front of the own eyes.

9. Madh Island

Madh Island
Madh Island Beach, Mumbai

Having a loving spouse on your side, drifting across the plantations early in the afternoon and appreciating nature in its entire glory in Madh Island, is a second worth waiting. You’ll be amazed by the simple fact that this place is near yet so far in the city life that hurried.

10. Carter Road

Carter Road
Carter Road, Mumbai

When you’ve proposed an elaborate date which includes long, romantic walks followed by dinner, then Carter Road in Bandra West is where you have to go.

There’s a well-maintained Jogger’s Park, a promenade, and lots of restaurants and cafes. There’s in seeing the sun go down while sipping on coffee bliss and Carter Road makes it the best place for couples in Mumbai.

11. Goregaon, Chhota Kashmir

Romantic Places in Mumbai-Goregaon, Chhota Kashmir
Chhota Kashmir, Aarey Colony

Chhota Kashmir is a heavenly place to maintain. The lavish greenery from the surrounding region accounts for the trendy surroundings that are likely to boost your mood.

Chhota Kashmir includes a little lake with boating and paddling facilities out there. A nominal entrance fee is for entrance to one of the most romantic places to hang out in Mumbai.

12. Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai

Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai
Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai

It is a very long stretch of well-maintained roads that are excellent for a long, romantic drive, particularly at night. Monsoons supply the background to see Palm Beach Road.

The 10-km stretch sprinkled with palm trees that sway in the breeze and joins Vashi and Belapur. If you’re interested, you can see many migratory birds. Which visit the local wetlands and the Mumbai harbour along Palm Beach Road.

13. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Encounter across acres of green forest cover and using a generous sprinkling of wildlife, SGNP or Borivali National Park offers excellent opportunities for couples to move around unhindered and unhurried. The park has lots of places to sit and relax, and of course the food stalls.

14. Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand
Bandra Bandstand

That is the first”enthusiast’s stage” of Mumbai where couples like to cuddle and get comfy. The idle and laid-back environment surely increase the Love of this place, in full contrast with the remainder of the bustling town. Additionally, it supplies a vantage view of this Bandra Worli Sea Link out of the promenade.

15. NCPA, Nariman Point

NCPA, Nariman Point
NCPA, Nariman Point

If live theatre performances and also theatre-screening of classics from Indian and Australian cinema is the cup of java (and your spouse ), then visit the outstanding locale.

It’s in Nariman Point and can be a couple of meters away in the Marine Drive. The NCPA (National Council of Performing Arts) can surely be a unique and stimulating place for couples who have similar interests.

Words of warning, avoid extremely distant places and attempt to leave before it gets too dark, especially when the site is off from civilization. Use common sense and be practicality while deciding to spend time together in a public place.

This will make sure you spend happy moments and cherish them forever. Do you have it? Share it here and spread the Love!

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