10 Most Haunted Places In India Where People Are Afraid To Go

The old buildings of India do not know how many decades of history are sitting inside them. While India is famous for its glorious history, deep secrets are also hidden in some places here. Yes, there are 10 most haunted places in India, which are considered ghostly. Not only this, strange incidents are felt here even today, so people are afraid to pass through it after the end of the day.

10 Most Haunted Places In India Where People Are Afraid To Go

Let us tell you today about some such dangerous but beautiful Top 10 most haunted places in India.

Rajasthan – Fort of Bhangarh

10 Most Haunted Places In India, Rajasthan - Fort of Bhangarh

Although the fort of Bhangarh in Rajasthan’s Ajabgarh district is crowded with tourists, but no one is allowed to stay here after nightfall. It is said that a magician turned black magic on the princess of the Kili of Bhangarh to perform black magic on her body. But his magic backfired and the magician died. Before dying, the magician cursed that all the people of this royal family would die soon and their souls would wander here. People believe that even today their souls wander in this palace.

Delhi – Agrasen Ki Baoli, Connaught Place

Delhi - Agrasen Ki Baoli, Connaught Place

This is the same place where Aamir Khan lives in his film PK. It is believed that there is black water in the depth of this step in which many people have committed suicide, due to which this place is also considered haunted.

Gujarat – Damas Beach

10 Most Haunted Places In India, Gujarat - Damas Beach

On the Damas Beach of Gujarat, crowds of people are seen during the day, but at night the condition of good people gets worse. People living here say that if you went to this beach after the sun sets, then you will start hearing shouts and shouts.

Pune – Shaniwar Wada Fort

10 Most Haunted Places In India, Pune - Shaniwar Wada Fort

The Shaniwar Wada of Pune is also one of the 10 most haunted places in India. Here comes the sound of a small girl who was the daughter of Narayan, the prince of the Peshwas. The aunt of the child had her murdered at the behest of the soldiers. It is said that even today the voice of that girl’s shout comes.

Meerut – GP Block

10 Most Haunted Places In India, Meerut - GP Block

This building of Meerut is also very scary. People say that here a woman is seen wearing a red saree sometimes above the building and sometimes outside. Seeing these strange-poor acts, people stopped going there.

Bombay High Court

10 Most Haunted Places In India, Bombay High Court

The area around the Bombay High Court also considers it a haunted place.

Mumbai – Kasara Ghat

10 Most Haunted Places In India, Mumbai - Kasara Ghat

Kasara Ghat is between Mumbai and Nashik. People say that while passing through it, a headless woman is seen sitting on the tree, due to which people get scared while passing through the night.

Ranchi – Jamshedpur NH33

10 Most Haunted Places In India, Ranchi - Jamshedpur NH33

The people of this highway are that here the spirit of a tall and tall woman wanders. Due to which there are more accidents in which most people die.

Mumbai – D. Suja Chawl

Mumbai - D. Suja Chawl

It is said that a ghost spirit wanders around this chawl, who lived in this chawl about 25 years ago. One night when she came to take water from the well, she accidentally fell into the well and died. At present, this well has been closed.

Thane – Vrindavan Society

Thane - Vrindavan Society

It is believed that some people committed suicide here and that is why the soul lives in this place.

Hyderabad – Ramoji Film City

Hyderabad - Ramoji Film City

It is said that the dead souls of soldiers are wandering here as ghosts. It is said that during the shooting of the film, many Ashadharana powers are shown. This place is called the soldiers’ cemetery.

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