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Car Rental Services
Car Rental Services

Information technology has impacted all walks of our lives throughout the last few decades in a way with the Travel and Tourism sector being among the beneficiaries. When the vacuum tube has been the part of systems the introduction of computers originated from the 60’s. This has resulted in the mushrooming of Travel and Tourism websites.

Travel agencies/ car rental services/companies, tour operators, hotels use modern systems equipped with strong applications that work on huge databases. Systems are used to extract info from the amounts of information stored in databases. Users of computer systems have to be experts. Even a pc operator was demanded by starting the system up. 

Car rental near me: eTaxiGo

Etaxigo is India’s leading taxi service provider in intercity and local taxi travel that offering affordable car hire a complete bouquet of end-to-end long and short term car rental solutions with a network of 7500+ taxi operators/vendors across 85+ major cities in India.

Etaxigo is an online booking portal that works as an aggregator between customers and drivers. Our portal allows the customer to check the availability of a taxi/cab and compare the prices that are best in the industry. We offer a reliable and efficient taxi/cab services to our customers. Our high rating drivers ensure that the journey is pleasurable and hassle-free. We ensure that the taxi/cab will reach their destination on the exact given time and our helpline desk available round the clock support.

Systems with The WYSIWYG technology, even a layman or even a child as well as Graphical User Interface can run an access or pc internet. From the Kerala situation, ITS advent has been limited to travel agencies utilizing development and reservation systems of web sites by non and Governmental agencies.

Sector institutes such as the Kerala Institute of Travel and Tourism Studies have imparted IT education in the tourism sector by giving hands-on instruction to students in programs and GDSs. Hotels and other systems so as have connected their systems to establish a link. Global Distribution Systems have evolved over the years and has played a significant role in making on-line travel possible. 

A Computer Reservation System is utilized to store and retrieve info and conduct transactions related to travel. A performance of CRS has been extended and what’s called the Global Distribution Systems came to existence. The important CRS operations that book as well as sell tickets to numerous airlines are known as GDS. Many airlines have opted to sell most of Their holdings to Global Distribution Systems because of that many systems are now available to customers through Internet gateways for hotels, car rental services, along with other services as well as airline tickets.

A traveller or even a travel agent can chalk out an itinerary utilizing a GDS that is a worldwide machine interconnecting airlines, hotels, travel agents, car rental companies, cruise liners, etc. 

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