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Top 5 Unexplored Places To Visit In Uttarakhand

People who love to roam are always looking for a different and new place. So that they can enjoy their holidays in Top 5 Unexplored Places to visit In Uttarakhand. In such a situation, if you are thinking of planning your vacation in the mountains surrounded by mountains, beautiful gardens, then you can go to the 5 best destinations in Uttarakhand. Where you can feel fresh and peaceful in the beautiful and serene environment. Ancient temples built here, snow-capped mountains easily win over anyone’s heart. Also, your budget will not be shaken.

Mukteshwar, Uttrakhand

best destinations in Uttarakhand - Mukteshwar

Filled with meadows and beautiful orchards, Uttarakhand is the best option to visit Mukteshwar. It is formed in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It got its name Mukteश्वरvara by having an ancient Shiva temple here. The beautiful Vadia here easily wins the heart of anyone. People who like adventure can enjoy camping and flying sports, hiking and paragliding. Although the whole year can be visited here, those who enjoy camping and hill sports should go in the month of March to June.

Ascot, Uttrakhand

best destinations in Uttarakhand - Ascot

Ascot is famous as the Secret Hill Station in Uttarakhand. One can easily drown among the beautiful views here. People fond of mountains must visit here. The Musk Deer Sanctuary is very famous here. The sight of the clouds visible in the swing helps to bring peace and fresh feeling.  

Lohaghat, Uttrakhand

Top 5 Unexplored Places To Visit In Uttarakhand - Lohaghat

If you are fed up with the noisy environment and are planning to plan your vacation somewhere in peace, then you can go to Lohaghat. The beautiful view here is not less than Kashmir. The famous tourist place of Lohaghat is ‘Kolihek’ Lake. Where people like to come from far and wide. The best time to visit here is from April to June. Apart from this, the fort of Banasura is the main center of its attraction. Which is a branch of the Ramakrishna Math branch surrounded by beautiful trees of deodar, beans, pine, oak. You can also enjoy the Abbott Mount Hill Station, located about 10 kilometers from here. 

Khirsu, Uttrakhand

Top 5 Unexplored Places To Visit In Uttarakhand - Khirsu

If you want to visit a different and new place with your friends or family, then you can go to Khirsu in Top 5 Unexplored Places To Visit In Uttarakhand. It is also called heaven on earth. The beautiful green forest here, Snow-Covered Mountain is a famous tourist attraction of travelers. Here the ancient Goddess Temple, Nature Park, Trekking Point can be enjoyed. Apart from this, the view of the sun rising and setting here is also touching the heart.

Piora, Uttrakhand

Top 5 Unexplored Places To Visit In Uttarakhand - Piora

Piora is an offbeat destination of Uttarakhand between Almora and Nainital. Snow lovers do not forget to go here. The snow-covered mountains and the chirping of birds in Peoria make the work of peace of one’s mind easily. You can also enjoy photography time in the beautiful views here. 

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