Top 10 Fascinating Historical Monuments of Kerala

10 Fascinating Historical Monuments of Kerala

The special history of Kerala runs deep. This may be observed reflected in its vast array of historical monuments which range from forts in beaches to exquisite palaces and museums. Every one these monuments emphasize rulers who dominated over Kerala and their heritage, they left them behind. Here’s a listing of the most iconic landmarks in Kerala. Our taxi service in Kerala provides a discounted and reliable cab service for your sightseeing.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Historical Monuments of Kerala

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Monuments of Kerala-Padmanabhapuram Palace

This immaculate wooden palace is located 64 kilometers from Trivandrum city. Even though it is not lying in Kerala, the palace was once the stronghold of the Travancore Dynasty. This realm dominated the southern portion of Kerala for centuries. With the support of a Kerala travel service, for example, Grace Travel Mart, you can plan a visit to Padmanabhapuram Palace. The delights of the palace include floral structures murals passages used by the kings of colored mica windows and the granite flooring. The palace opens except for federal holidays and Mondays. The time is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Anjuthengu Fort

Monuments of Kerala-Anjuthengu Fort

As its name implies this historical fort is full of loads of coconut trees. Constructed from the British East India Company in the 17th century the fort was used as a channel for many ships that docked on the beaches that were neighboring. Known since the Anjengo Fort, this was the very first major trading centers of the British East India Company.

Krishnapuram Palace

Monuments of Kerala-Krishnapuram Palace

Alleppey supplies the best Kerala tourism experience in many ways. Its historical monuments provide every traveller an exceptional glimpse into the history of the rice bowl of Kerala. The Krishnapuram Palace at Alleppy is no exclusion. Even though the famous historical figure Marthanda Varma remained here, the roots of the palace have been shrouded in mystery. The palace features a Kerala design architecture and contains several interesting features like dormer windows, gabled roofs, and corridors. It has been converted to an archaeological museum and exhibits several exhibits such as the Gajendra Mokshanam among the mural paintings of Kerala.

Hill Palace Museum

Monuments of Kerala-Hill Palace Museum

The Hill Palace Museum at Tripunithura, Kochi is the biggest museum in Kerala. Constructed from the Kochi Raja from the nineteenth century, the palace has been constructed for administrative functions for hosting their King’s people. The Hill Palace is a museum composed of several displays for example paintings of the household carvings paintings, and many relics from other periods of history. You may learn more about the history of this location by obtaining the assistance of travel brokers in Kochi. The museum opens every day except for Mondays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Dutch Palace

Monuments of Kerala-Dutch Palace

The Dutch Palace is just another fascinating historical monument of Kochi. Constructed during the Victorian age, the palace has been built. Like many buildings, it’s a distinctive mix of both traditional and Western Kerala styled structure. The walls of this palace contrast sharply with the roofs that are reddish. A temple is concealed inside the palace and several mural paintings depicting Hindu mythology. The palace opens every day except for Fridays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Since the palace is located near the city of Kochi, it is possible to reach it.

Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort

The Bekal Fort at Kasargod has stayed on top as among the greatest tourist destinations of Kerala. Aside from offering views of the Sea, the mosque, the temple, as well as the water tank in the entry have fascinated tourists for many decades. Bekal Fort supplies the best Kerala tourism to your household as it has a rich history but also is the greatest and the forts in Kerala. It’s fairly wonderful to believe that this location was the lookout floor for many boats that came from the world’s corners.

Gundert Bungalow

Gundert Bungalow

The Gundert Bungalow at Kannur played a Significant Role in bringing to life the Malayalam language. This was once the house of a German priest Dr. Hermann Gundert. Whilst staying here, he published the very first Malayalam dictionary and released the paper in Kerala. This bungalow has been the milestone that gave birth to the very first dictionary and paper. The Gundert Bungalow is under the control of this Nettur Technical Training Foundation.

Kanakakkunu Palace

Kanakakkunu Palace

The Kanakakkunu Palace includes green meadows, trees, and also unique flowers on either side. Located in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, the palace has a very history of its own. Due to its wealth of historical landmarks and tourist attractions, Trivandrum creates a location within our variety of Kerala tour packages. The palace is resplendent with other relics of the Travancore Royal Family furniture, along with crystal chandeliers. It opens every day except Sundays from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum

The Ambalavayal Heritage Museum at Wayanad brings the eye of several historians and tourists since it’s many artifacts dating back to early times. Being one of the heritage museums in Kerala, it is possible to discover relics dating back to the 2nd century. Make the most of your visit to Wayanad by seeing this museum.

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves

The Edakkal Caves in Wayanad is as old as it seems. Dating back to the Neolithic Age, the line drawings sprinkled the drawing is older than 8000 decades and the walls return to the year 6000BC. These caves became famous following an archaeologist stumbled upon it. It’s perched on top of a hillock and demands a little teenager of 1.5 km out of the parking space under.

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