9 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Mussoorie

Travel to Mussoorie

Travel to Mussoorie aka the “Queen of hills” is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Situated in Uttarakhand, this hill station has the boon of beauty from nature. Being not very far just 290 km from Delhi is a perfect destination for enjoying long as well as short weekends. You can reach out here through the road to enjoy a perfect trip full of fun as it takes time of 6 hours which the perfect travel to Mussoorie trip to enjoy.

Moving further let’s talk about the best reasons why you should spend your weekends here

1. The Tranquil mountain present here to hold your captive

Uttarakhand has boon for most beautiful natural scenes that steal the heart of every individual visiting here. And Mussoorie is the best place to enjoy in Uttarakhand as it takes us to the next level of natural beauty in the world. The mid-range Himalayan mountains enhance the beauty of Mussoorie. The serenity of these places not only makes it a perfect romantic destination but also a place that must be visited with your family.

Travel to Mussoorie-Uttrakhand

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2. You can experience one of the best cable ride with much more enjoyment then your imagination.

Mussoorie is one of the finest travel destinations and one of the major reason for it is the adventures you can experience here is unmatchable. You can enjoy the most secure and exciting cable car rides here from Jhulaghat to Gun Hills which will cost you only 75 INR per head for a complete round trip. Timings for this is 10 AM to 7 PM in winters and 8 AM to 10 PM in summers.

Travel to Mussoorie-Cable ride

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3. e scenic views from Kempty Falls

The scenic beauty of this 40 feet high waterfall provides a great look to its surrounding. Situated at an altitude of 4500 feet high, this place is perfect and makes time stop for its viewers.

Travel to Mussoorie - Kempty Fall

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4. Mussoorie is the undisputed king of Mall Roads

Mussoorie besides having its natural beauty has many other specialties that are enough to steal the heart of its tourists. One of them is its mall road which is the undisputed king of Mall Roads. This is one of the reasons for it’s becoming the most popular romantic destination. You may find all the malls for a different kind of shopping from here.

Travel to Mussoorie - Mall Road

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5. Here you can enjoy the amazing camel ride


Yes you read it right, besides having other interesting options Mussoorie also provides camel ride to is tourists. You can enjoy the dizzying turns on the back of the camel here. The white snow surrounding the ride on camel’s back provides you with an amazing unforgettable experience.

6. For the thrilling experience of Rafting


Besides being a great romantic destination and home for honeymooners, it is also a great adventurous place. Here you can come for enjoying rafting as part of an adventurous journey. Being situated at a distance of 290 km only from our Delhi it provides the place for enjoyment. You can be here with your family or your colleagues or even alone, this place will never be boring for you.

7. Land our Bazar for a great shopping experience

If you are a shopping freak guy or you are with such a partner who enjoys shopping then this suits best for you. Here you can find all the local things made in cottage industries with the love from villagers which are better than those found in cities.

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8. Because it provides you an opportunity to learn wine-making and wine-tasting admits the Himalayas

If you are a wine lover then this popular hill station has a great surprise for you. Here you can have a crash course on winemaking and if you are planning to visit here for a few weeks then you can return with your hand made wines.

9. History and heritage at Library Baazar

Travel to Mussoorie-Library Baazar

These places have something special for book lovers too. Here you can read great books on heritage and history which reflects the glory of our golden bird India.

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This is not over here you can enjoy more lakes and a perfect place full of nature. It is one of the undisputed best hill stations in India.

Besides being a  romantic destination, it also a great cultural and educational hub for students all over the world. IIT Roorkee situated here is one of the most prestigious technical institutes of not only the country but also of the world.

It is famous for adventurous camping all over the country. Even in some of the other countries. The tourist support here is also great which silently stole their heart.

People who came here have no idea how their trips become a life long loving memory to all.

Let’s enjoy a wonderful trip together here:—Let’s move to forget Delhi’s workload to Mussoorie’s romantic destinations…

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