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The city of Uttar Pradesh, 200 km from the country’s capital Delhi, is known for Agra Taj Mahal. Apart from the Taj Mahal located here, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The history of Agra dates back to the 11th century. Over the years, both Hindu and Muslim rulers ruled here. Therefore, a confluence of two types of culture is seen here in Agra Tourism.

History of Agra

In 1526, the Mughal emperor Babur made Agra the capital. After this, it remained the capital of the Mughal Empire until 1658. The Mughal rulers were very interested in construction. This is the reason that many excellent works can be seen in Agra. In that period, every king built grand tombs to better his ancestors.

The first of these comes the name of Taj Mahal, which was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Today the Taj Mahal has become a symbol of love all over the world. Emperor Akbar renovated the Agra Fort and built Fatehpur Sikri on the outskirts of the city.

Agra In Tourism

Agra is a part of the Golden Trangill, covering Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. Due to its proximity to Delhi, tourists prefer a day trip to Agra. It is not that there is only Taj Mahal in Agra. Apart from this, there are many places to eat here. Fatehpur Sikri and Mathura are not far from Agra Tourism. The city has a bustling market from where you can buy souvenirs and local crafts. However, you should beware of the brokers, rickshaws and unauthorized guides who collect money arbitrarily.

Agra And Nearby Tourist Places

Apart from the Taj Mahal, you can also visit Agra Fort and Akbar’s Tomb built on the banks of Yamuna River. A visit to Chini Roja, Diwan-e-Aam and Diwane Khas gives us an idea of ​​the nuances of the Mulag regime. Apart from this, walking around Etamadud Daula’s tomb, Maryam Zamani’s tomb, Jaswant’s chhatri, sixty-four pillars and Taj Sangrahalaya can prove to be a good experience.

Like other cities in India, religious generosity can be clearly seen in Agra. The Jama Masjid is part of the famous Hindu temple Bageshwar Nath. However, there is also Saumi Bagh and Mahtab Bagh, where the atmosphere is very quiet. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can see the beautiful view of sunrise, sunrise and Taj Mahal from here.

Agra not only attracts tourists but also birds. The Keetham Lake and Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary here attracts a large number of migratory birds like Spoonbill, Siberian Stork, Sarne Crane, Brahmani Duck, Bar-Headed Geese and Gadwalls and Shovelers.

Agra Tourism Attractions:

Taj Mahal

Agra Tourism-Taj Mahal

One of seven wonders of the world. Mughal emperor (Shah Jahan) built this monument in memory of his wife Mumtaz. There is also the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal here. The Taj Mahal is a classic example of a mix of Indian, Persian and Islamic architectural styles.

Agra Fort

Agra Tourism-Agra Fort

The fort of Agra also called the Red Fort. Because of the red color and the architectural style and design of the Red Fort in Delhi are quite similar. Both the forts constructed with red sandstone. This is the reason that when tourists see the Fort of Agra Tourism, they remember the Red Fort of Delhi.

Bageshwar Nath Temple

Agra Tourism-Bageshwar Nath Temple

There are many temples in Agra. Among them are Mangaleshwar Temple, Shri Krishna Pranami Temple, Arya Samaj Temple and a famous temple dedicated to Swami Ji Maharaj at Dayal Bagh.

Feroz Khan Khwaja Sarai’s Tomb

Feroz Khan Khwaja Sarai's Tomb

Feroz Khan Khwajasarai is also mentioned in the account of the Mughal emperor Jahangir. Actually he was an aristocrat in the court of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. His title Khwaja Sarai suggests that he was in charge of the harem rather than the royal women’s residence.

Ram Bagh

Agra Tourism-Ram Bagh

It is also known as Aaram Bagh and Bagh-e-Gul Afsan. Ram Bagh was conceptualized and built in 1528 by the first Mughal emperor Babur in India. It is 500 meters from Chini Ka Roja, 3 km from Etmadud Daula’s tomb and about 5 km from Taj Mahal.

Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s fame has also been to build a memorial. He also had a good knowledge of architectural arts. Moti Masjid was also built by Shah Jahan. As the name itself suggests, this mosque shines like a large pearl.

Kanch Mahal

Kanch Mahal

The square glass palace next to Akbar’s mausoleum at Sikandra is a living example of Mughal architectural features. Records show that it was constructed between 1605 and 1619. Tiles have been used extensively in its construction, so it is called Kanch Mahal.

Roman Catholic Cemetery

Roman Catholic Cemetery

The Roman Catholic Cemetery located on the east side of Mahatma Gandhi Road near the Civil Court is the oldest Catholic cemetery in North India. This relatively small cemetery surrounded by walls, houses the tombs of many historical figures, craftsmen and soldiers from Europe and India.

Akbar’s Tomb

Agra Tourism-Akbar's Tomb

Apart from the world-famous Taj Mahal, Agra also known for its masterpieces made of Mughal architecture. One of them is the tomb of Akbar the Great. This mausoleum in Sikandra spread over 119 acres.

Dayal Bagh

Dayal Bagh

Also known as Swami Bagh, Dayal Bagh is the headquarters of Radhaswami Satsang. Founded by Huzur Sahabji Maharaj, the fifth Guru of Radhaswami Satsang. Dayal Bagh established in 1915 on the day of Basant Panchami by planting a mulberry plant. Dayal Bagh, 15 km from Agra

Taj Museum

Taj Museum

Taj Sangrahalaya one of the tourist places in Agra. Mainly students and students of the Taj Mahal come here. Built-in 1982, the museum is located in the Jal Mahal on the left side of the main gate in the Taj Mahal complex.

How To Reach Agra


Connected to the rest of the states by NH2, NH3, and NH11. Luxury buses like government buses, private buses and Volvo are available for Agra. Uttar Pradesh tourism also provides a deluxe bus for tourists to visit the favorite place in the city. His services are also for Sikandra and Fatehpur Sikri. The recently built Noida Expressway has provided another option to reach Agra Tourism and has also reduced the time taken to reach here. Now you can reach Agra from Delhi in just a few hours by our eTaxiGo (Delhi to Agra Taxi Service).

By Train

In Agra, there are seven railway stations in the city. It does not include Tundla Junction, which is one hour away from Agra. Of these seven railway stations, Agra Fort Railway Station, Agra Cantt Railway Station and Raja Ki Mandi are the main ones. All major trains pass through these stations. Apart from Rajdhani and Shatabdi, it also includes the luxury train ‘Palace on Wheel’, in which you can experience royal living.

By Air

Kheria Airport located in Agra is 5 km from the city. There are many domestic airline services from all over India.

Best Time To Visit Agra

The best time to visit Agra is from October to March.

Agra Worth A Weekend

Noida: 189 km From Agra by Car

Gurgaon: 235 km from Agra by Car

Delhi: 239km from Agra by Car

Vrindavan: 75 Km from Agra by Car

Moradabad: 235 Km from Agra by Car